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Butler Roof Systems

Butler roof systems
  1. MR-24® Roof System: The MR-24 roof system is a standing seam metal roof system known for its exceptional weather resistance and long-term performance. It features a unique, two-piece, interlocking design that allows for thermal expansion and contraction without compromising the roof's integrity. The MR-24 system is engineered to be virtually leak-proof and is often used in a variety of building applications.

  2. VSR II® Roof System: The VSR II roof system is another standing seam metal roof system that offers aesthetic appeal and excellent water shedding capabilities. It features a vertical seam design that provides a clean and sleek appearance. The VSR II system is suitable for both new construction and retrofit applications.

  3. Butlerib® II roof system:  Prioritize quality without compromising on budget considerations. The Butlerib® II roof system, recognized as the industry's premier through-fastened roofing solution, has been meticulously designed to deliver cost-efficiency in both installation and upkeep.Precision is paramount in installation, achieved through factory-cut panels and our patented fasteners, renowned for their enduring stability over extended durations. The incorporation of factory-slotted holes empowers the Butlerib II roof system to accommodate natural temperature-induced expansion and contraction, ensuring an exceptional lifespan for the roof.

  4. Butler-Cote™ Finish System: While not a roof system per se, the Butler-Cote finish system is a durable paint system applied to the metal roofing panels. It provides corrosion resistance and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the building. This finish system is available in a variety of colors to complement the building's design.

  5. Architectural Panels: Butler Manufacturing offers various architectural panels that can be used to create unique roof designs. These panels provide versatility in terms of shape, texture, and color, allowing architects and builders to achieve distinctive looks for their projects.

  6. Insulated Roof Systems: Butler offers insulated roof systems that integrate insulation into the roofing panels. These systems provide energy efficiency and thermal performance by reducing heat transfer through the roof. Insulated roof systems can contribute to energy savings and create a more comfortable interior environment.

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