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Butler Building Topics

Butler Building Costs

Find more information on how costs are calculated on a new Butler Building.

Butler Scrubolt and Fasteners

We look at the various fasteners that make up part of the "Butler Difference".

Butler Building with Cranes

What information is needed and what capabilities are there when installing cranes in a Butler Building?

Butler building wall panel options

Butler has many wall system options.  

Butler Building roof system options

There are multiple options and scenarios for the Butler Roof Systems.  One thing is for sure, the roof is the most important feature of a steel building.  And, Butler has the best roof systems on the market.

Purchase Process

What is the process of purchasing a Butler building from Richardson Brothers Construction?

Image of erectors putting up a Butler Building

Once I purchase the Butler building, how do I find the best erectors to put it up for me?

Butler Articles

We share our knowledge of product, processes and industry

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